As I blog, I sometimes realize I’d like to say things about my act of blogging in itself (stuff like the formatting I use, or which tools I use and how do I use them to reach the conclusions I write about). This usually doesn’t fit into any particular post and I wouldn’t like to write a post about these matters as they are rather ‘timeless’ and related to every article in the blog.

Under this page I’ll add links to sub-pages or just a jotted paragraph to cover these topics. Here’s what I’ve observed so far about blogging itself:

  • Dedication
    When I started writing this blog, not so long ago, I knew that writing quality material is hard work. I don’t know if the material I’m writing is of high quality, but I think in my mind the ‘hard work’ part was understated. This blog is dedicated to my wife Inbal, she may not know much about Python, but without her support I’d never have pulled it off.

  • Typography
    General comments about formatting, spelling, style, etc.

  • Tools
    Tools and techniques I use as I write this blog.

  • Errata Policy
    Oops! A page to explain my errors & omissions handling policy.

  • Proofing
    You may sometimes see a subpage of this page called ‘proofing’, you can’t access it (it’s password protected). I found no easy way to preview my latest drafts to potential proof-readers (along with all the markup rendered correctly and links working etc), so I created this page and password protected it. It’s really not that interesting, it’s just the future stuff I’m writing about with extra mistakes.

  • Legal Crap
    Generally speaking, I think we screwed up somewhere as a society. How did we reach this stage where I can’t explain in simple English what is it that I want other people to do with my work, and I need some professional to provide me with ‘legal code’ to support it? ‘machine code’ I understand, the machines won’t have it any other way. But ‘legal code’? What’s that? Why did we invent it and evolve it to become so complex so as to empower the Apple-s and Sony-s of the world and hurt you and me? We’re the people it’s supposed to protect, no?! Maybe it must be this way, much like machine code, maybe I’m just uneducated. But maybe humanity can back out of its convuluted legal system and start afresh. sigh. That said, my gratitude is extended to the kind lawyers at Creative Commons; true freedom hackers by spirit, even if not by trade.

    Creative Commons License
    This work by Yaniv Aknin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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