Python’s Innards: Series Renamed

Just yesterday I promised to tell you if I make significant mistakes, hoping it would be a seldom occasion. Yet here I am writing to you about another mistake I made, though this time not one of technical nature. I chose the old name for this series of articles about Python’s inner working as I was musing about how creators may see their creations far more thoroughly than other people possibly can (the old name of the series was “Guido’s Python”). It was recently brought to my attention that the name I chose might have been incorrect, misleading and/or simply tasteless. I certainly did not mean to give a false impression of affiliation or endorsement; of course Python’s creator and community leader never had anything to do with the series. Due to these reasons and to set things straight, the series will be promptly and retroactively renamed to “Python’s Innards”.

Since the series’ old name was used in URLs and category names, things will break as I do the rename and readers will have to update their bookmarks. I’m sorry for the discomfort I’ll cause my readers with the rename, but far worse, I apologize if I misled anyone or tainted someone’s good name. I’ll use this unfortunate opportunity to say explicitly that unless stated otherwise, everything you can find anywhere under the domain (so far there’s only this blog) is solely my creation, not endorsed nor affiliated with anyone else (be assured that I’ll give credit where such is due if I’ll receive some kind of help in the future).

Genuinely no malice was intended and I hope this will be forgotten soon enough; I’m working on the next article and look forward to see you as we continue this journey into Python.